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Graduate Alumni: Where are They Now?

Since 1978, Saitama Medical University has graduated 3,268 students, and these graduates are currently active at Saitama Medical University Hospital, its affiliated institutions, and other medical facilities around the country.

Graduate Alumni: Where are They Now?

Hidaka Campus
Saitama International Medical Center Professors 3
Associate Professors 2
Assistant Professor 8
Instructors 54
Residents* 10
Graduate School Students 3
Total 80
Kawagoe Campus
Saitama Medical Center Professors 2
Associate Professors 2
Assistant Professors 8
Instructors 130
Residents* 47
Graduate School Students 1
Other 5
Total 195
Moroyama Campus (main campus)
Medical Education Center Associate Professors 1
Assistant Professors 1
Preclinical Departments Associate Professors 2
Instructors 1
Saitama Medical University Hospital Professors 5
Associate Professors 10
Assistant Professors 15
Instructors 137
Residents* 40
Graduate School Students 5
Other 7
Total 224
Outside Saitama Medical University
Public Health Organization 7
Private Practices approx. 820
Other approx. 1,870
Total approx. 2,700
* Residents Include:
Junior residents or Postgraduate trainess (1st and 2nd year)
Senior residents or Clinical fellows

With the Class of 2011, students who passed the 105th National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination were employed by the following institutions

Saitama Medical University Hospital 27
Saitama Medical Center 5
Saitama International Medical Center 26
Other hospitals affiliated with medical schools 35
Other hospitals 5
Other 1
Total number of graduates 99

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