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3rd Year

More than two years have already passed since I entered Saitama Medical School. From this 3rd year on, clinical subjects have been added to the curriculum, and I now feel more closely that I shall be a physician, and my stance to studies has changed due to the prospect of bearing the responsibility of making a diagnosis by myself. Since a nationwide common examination will be given when we advance from the 4th to the 5th year, the mood of the classmates as a whole is tightening for such preparations as conducting study sessions, etc.

On the other hand, club activities are also actively pursued in our Medical School, and I belong to the Chamber Music Club. All members of our club engage in daily practice because we have to perform on multiple ceremonial occasions such as entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, celebration for passing national examination for physicians, regular concerts, in-house concerts, and the Christmas concert.

I believe that club activities are also very important not only for improving skills but also for developing refined human character through contact with seniors, juniors, classmates, teachers, graduates, etc. I had also an opportunity to advise high school students on our campus life as a Deputy Chief of our campus at the cultural festival.

I think that our Medical School is the best place to develop our physical strength and well-rounded character in addition to studying necessary subjects for becoming a physician. I would like to continue polishing myself up in collaboration with my good friends.

4th Year

Three years have passed since I entered Saitama Medical School. In the 4th year we have started to learn fundamentals of physical diagnosis by actual practice on the scene under the title of Introduction to Clinics in addition to learning clinical subjects by lecture.

Besides cramming knowledge into our head merely through being in the classroom, we are learning ideas on how to conduct ourselves in medical care by studying it firmly through practical training.

As an extracurricular activity, I am acting as the Student Council President for the year of 2004 as well as the Chief of Golf Club. I live a highly fulfilling student life through those activities of the Student Council and the Golf Club by meeting many respectable seniors and juniors. While learning as a student at our Medical School for becoming a physician, I firmly believe that it is also vital for me to develop various personal relationships and develop a sense of responsibility through campus and club activities. Together with my wonderful colleagues I would like to work toward becoming a responsible physician with a broad perspective by learning various medical subjects and acquiring wisdom for medical practice.

6th Year

While fully enjoying my student life with colleagues in an environment richly endowed with nature, I have reached the final student year. For becoming a physician next year I am now rounding up my studies of past 6 years.

Although the quality and quantity of subjects to learn daily have been massive, I have been able to complete them by attaining deeper and deeper understanding together with like-minded colleagues. Because our school offers a class instructor system by assigning a particular faculty to a certain group of students from the 1st year on, we have been in an excellent educational environment for studying under the friendly supervision of those teaching faculty.

As many students participate in club activities, so I belong to the Judo Club. I had many things to learn from the friendship with teachers who graduated from our Medical School, seniors, and juniors. It has been greatly stimulating and beneficial for me. All club staff work out in a team for the East Japan Sports Meeting of Medical Students held every summer. Since I love the sense of community for hustling toward a goal, it shall remain as a wonderful memory for me.

While my student life in the perfect environment is coming to an end, I would like to make a maximal progress by carrying out my original intention and making good use of my experiences at our Medical School.

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Message from a Graduate

Perinatal Care Center for Mother and Baby, Saitama Medical Center, Saitama Medical School

Eight years have passed since I became a physician, and I am serving at the Perinatal Care Center for Mother and Baby of the Saitama Medical Center blessed with sense of daily fulfillment in the clinical practice along with nurturing a dream on the future medical care. I entered Saitama Medical School in 1991 fostering bright future and a hope. Along with a hope I felt disquietude on my student life, since Medicine was a matter of a world apart for me. My student life with like-minded colleagues was, however, highly fulfilling. Probably due to a feeling of closeness of communal living in the Town of Moroyama, all of us studied together and exchanged unreserved opinions until we mutually understood everything.

I had an opportunity to be trained on the Student Exchange Program in a sophisticated environment for study at a medical institution of the Free University of Berlin, and after that I have had occasions for conversation with foreign students every year. My student life was blessed with plenty of nice memories, encouraging each other among classmates during preparation for national examination.

Although I went through rigorous training after I joined the Saitama Medical Center as a medical practitioner, I was very lucky that I was trained by zealous seniors during the important period for acquiring the basis for a physician. I, therefore, highly appreciate the precious lessons for forming the basis of my future as a health care provider.

After the training for medical practitioner, I attended the graduate school and luckily concluded my M.D. course. I work now at the Perinatal Care Center for Mother and Baby in my alma mater.

In the daily clinical practice, I assist delivering probabilities for a bright future by helping many new births on one hand and providing mothers in severe pathological status with medical care beneficial for both their body and mind on the other.

I believe that the cardinal qualification required for a physician shall be fervor for taking matters seriously and dealing with those matters constructively. I will be pleased to see more and more enthusiastic juniors enter Saitama Medical School, who shall provide us with highly satisfactory environment for acquiring those bases. I sincerely hope that I will be able to share a dream with you all, who will join us.

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