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Promotion of Welfare

Maruki Memorial Building (Training Center)

With lecture halls, assembly rooms, and a health control center as well as restaurant and lodging facilities, the Maruki Memorial Building is in easy access for utilization by students and faculty.

Room for Student Health Control

Student Health Control is a part of the program for making the life of medical students most fruitful. The room is ready to take care of not only simple bodily but also psychosomatic disorders interfering with schoolwork, providing appropriate treatments.

Routine services include treatments of common traumatic injuries and mild internal medical disorders, not to mention the yearly health checkup and protective inoculation for all students. When complex medical care is necessary, the room arranges for the student to visit the outpatient clinic of, or even to be hospitalized in, the Medical School Hospital. Located on the Moroyama and Kawagoe Campuses, the rooms are open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and receives students without appointment regardless of the relative severity of their illnesses.

Helpful Support System

Agents For Apartments

Office of Student Affairs assists students in concert with the Association of Landlords who own properties for rent in and around the town of Moroyama.

Insurance Of Students

With a collective term insurance in effect, students are insured for injuries during commuting and club-circle activities. In addition, students are covered by insurance for accident and injury under the auspices of certain national educational organizations.

Moroyama-Kai Society (the parents' association)

Main Undertakings
  • Subsidizing part of medical expenses and diverse insurance premiums for students
  • Subsidizing promotion of welfare for the student and faculty
  • Scholarship system

Financial support of students in difficulty continuing education due to parental illness, death, etc
Partial exemption of school expenses for students with outstanding scholastic records
(to go into effect from 2005)

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