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Our Mission for Society

Cultivating Physicians with a Love for Humanity and a Code of Conduct

Kiyohiro Maruki, M.D., Chairman
Kiyoyuki Maruki, M.D., Chairman

This medical school has been founded with the aim of educating clinicians and researchers with profound humanity and integrity, a broad intellect, substantial medical knowledge, and who will also contribute to the welfare of society.

Since 1972, when Saitama Medical University was founded, scientific standards together with technical acuity have made tremendous progress, and have exceeded our general expectations. Rapid progress in the field of medical science and practice has opened a dynamic era for exploring new medical modus operandi as a means to serve the whole of humanity, necessitating this institution to implement a revised code of conduct, eliminating inhumane qualities of medical practice, and with strict adherence to the principle of informed consent.

Along with the arrival of a rapidly aging society, physicians are expected to extend medical and welfare services for patients in established institutions and apply these same services to those living at private residences. The general public today is pressuring institutions in the field of medical education to train physicians capable of fulfilling public needs along these lines.

Physicians in the 21st century have to play a central role in public health, medical care, and welfare services. To achieve these goals, it is essential to cultivate human resources capable
of meeting public needs for medical services with a profound devotion towards humanity and reverence for the dignity of human life.

This medical school is dedicated to the promotion of its founding objectives: Educating effective physicians with a profound love of humanity, lofty moral principles, and positivism towards action.

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