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13th RCGM Symposium of Academic Frontier (October 30 - 31, 2015, at Commemoration Hall, Hidaka Campus)
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Timeline of 12 Milestones for RCGM Symposium of Academic Frontier

Core Division
Division of Gene Structure and Function
Head, Professor:Riki Kurokawa, Ph.D
Division of Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction
Head, Professor:Satoshi Inoue
Division of Developmental Biology
Head, Professor:Akihiko Okuda
Division of Pathophysiology
Head, Professor:Takenobu Katagiri, Ph.D.

Division of Gene Therapy and Genome Editing
Head, Professor:Kohnosuke Mitani, Ph.D.

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Award Winners
S. Shiba: ANZBMS 2016 Travel Award
S. Inoue: The Japanese Society for Osteoimmunology 2016 Encouragement Award
Previous Award Winners
Jul 2016: Y. Okazaki published “Biallelic IARS mutations cause growth retardation with prenatal onset, intellectual disability, muscular hypotonia, and infantile hepatopathy” in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
March 2016: A. Okuda published "Loss of MAX results in meiotic entry in mouse embryonic and germline stem cells" in Nature Communications.
Jan 2016: Y. Okazaki published “A Comprehensive Genomic Analysis Reveals the Genetic Landscape of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complex Deficiencies” in PLOS Genetics.
Oct 2015: Y. Okazaki published “Intra-mitochondrial Methylation Deficiency Due to Mutations in SLC25A26” in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
Sep 2015: Collaborative team by K.Tanimoto (Hiroshima Univ) and H. Eguchi (RCGM) published "The A Allele at rs13419896 of EPAS1 Is Associated with Enhanced Expression and Poor Prognosis for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer" in PLOS ONE.
August 2015: S. Inoue published “miR-378a-3p modulates tamoxifen sensitivity in breast cancer MCF-7 cells through targeting GOLT1A” in Scientific Reports.
Dec 2014: T. Katagiri published “Smad9 is a novel type of transcriptional regulator in bone morphogenetic protein signaling”in Scientific Reports.
Feb 2014: S. Inoue published “Liver-specific gamma-glutamyl carboxylase-deficient mice display bleeding diathesis and short life span”in PLoS One.
July 2013: S. Inoue published “A stabilizing factor for mitochondrial respiratory supercomplex assembly regulates energy metabolism in muscle” in Nature Communications.
June 2013: Saitama Med Univ has been awarded “Support Project of Strategic Research Center in Private Universities” from MEXT.
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