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Founding Objectives
Image of Ideal Doctor
Saitama Medical School Was Established In Moroyama In 1972 With Above-Listed Three Precepts As The Founding Objectives
Objectives of the School are so aptly expressed above that nothing needs to be added today even after a lapse of over a quarter century.
However, medicine has made rapid advances with an unprecedented pace, and the state of the society has also made drastic changes. In the arena of medicine in particular, there is an increasing demand for constructing new doctor-patient relationships owing to due recognition of the import of patientsf will.
Herewith marking a fresh leap on the opening of new campus, the Saitama Medical School reaffirms the Founding Objectives for cultivating students toward the goal of ideal physicians through the school activities based on the spiritual foundation defined in the Objectives.
Lofty Code Of Conduct And Humanity
Doctors are to have a profound affection and awe for human life, have empathy, and place themselves in patientsf positions in order to perform medical practices with thorough explanations and mutual understandings.
Doctors are to strive consistently to polish the code of conduct and self-educate so as to build personal qualities with warmth and rich humanity.
Medical Science And Practice Up To The International Standard
Doctors are always to learn the latest techniques and advances and endeavor to provide confidently medical services of the highest quality required by international standards.
Doctors are to know the limit of onefs own ability, to cooperate with others, and to practice the best medicine for the sake of patients.
Doctors are to have the will and quest for solutions in every phase of actual medical practices, and to endeavor to contribute to the progress of medical science and service.
Harmony And Cooperation From Societal Perspective
Doctors are to guide and support people engaged in various levels of paramedical occupation, and are to try to develop leadership skills for playing the role of their commander in the medical service.
Doctors are to uphold a societal perspective with a sense of responsibility over regional health and medical care ranging from maintenance and improvement of health, through prevention of illnesses through to the patientsf return to work upon recovery, to the promotion of social welfare.